Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Combo is from Portugal, and obviously makes funky ass electro music.

I found This one over at Discodust. And if you can´t be bothered to click, here is some cut-N-paste action:

combo is a 25 years old producer from madeiras, portugal who got into dj'ing 2001 and then studied electronic music production from 2004 until 2006. i was totally stunned and blown away when i first heard 'just change' on his myspace, a goddamn funky disco jam with vocals from combo himself and catchy right from the start.

combo is currently planning on finishing about 6 tracks until the end of this summer, recreating a more darker disco/funk sound inspired by 80s horror soundtracks and classics of that decade, understanding the recording process and instruments used at that time and transport them right to todays dancefloors. judging by the greatness of 'just change' and its great production, i am sure it will work just fine.

Download Combo - Just Change

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