Sunday, March 23, 2008



I promised myself I wasn´t going to do this, but I felt I had to when I came across this blog.

As we know there is a sea of mp3 blogs out there on the inter-web, and they all pretty much post the same Justice track or teenagers remix, something I´m guilty of myself from time to time. But at the same time I have a feeling that the established blogs like (example) Discobelle will post anything that hits their inbox as long as it´s a noisy fidget banger, or some dance fueled crunk/hyphy/hip-hop upchuck. Most established blogs do this so they can be the first to break out the new hipster/ club hit and keep their place in the blogging hall of fame.

I myself am pretty new at this, I didn´t discover mp3 blogs before the summer of 2006, through a discobelle mixin´it up by Klever (I think). And I was extremely happy when I did and spent the majority of my time downloading all the tracks I could get my cursor on. Not a lot has changed since then, I think I´m a little more selective though, as I have to be if I don´t want to spend money on an external hard drive (the one I have is already full of blog tracks, all 120 gigs of it, I had to delete the porn. It´s a question of prioritizing. Sometimes I regret it, but what can you do?)

When it was time for me to start my own blog, I followed the way that had been paved by thousands of other blogs and wrote a blurb about the song or songs and artist or band and linked it up to myspace and discogs. Which there is nothing wrong with, because it´s informative (which is good). I don´t even try to be funny (like many others) because I don´t really have a sense of humor. Anyways, I do my best.

Enter Hipster Runoff the first postmodern blog I have come across. It´s an mp3 blog about mp3 blogging. However, it´s wrong to say "enter" because they´ve been around for a while, they boast about being the first blog to blog about Justice in 1999, which probably isn´t true since Justice first came on the scene in 2004. Anyways, I urge everyone to take a peak since it´s spot on sometimes and you get the same tracks there you´ll get anywhere else (the post about steve aoki is especially engrossing).

Thats it.

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