Monday, March 31, 2008



Surkin is well known by now as playing a major part in the new french wave of el-music, and he releases records on the other french label Institubes.

The featured track was first heard on the Justice mix posted here in January, it´s called NEXT OF KIN and it was one of my favorite tracks on the mix. I´ve been looking everywhere for it since, and it appears it will not be released until the 7th of April as part of the NEXT OF KIN EP. I only managed to get my hands on what sounds like a vinyl rip, but it should wet your panties, and if it does, make sure to buy the EP when it comes out in April.

Download Surkin - Next of Kin

A little bonus is this ravy mix by the surkster, courtesy of Corporate Bloggin.

Download Surkin - Gloves Off Mix


Surkin - White Knight Two Intro
Fred Falke - 8:08pm @ The Beach
Dj Ayres - Nu Nu & Mr Kirk's Nightmare
Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk Beat
Feadz -Suck It
Dj Kenny B, Dj Patrick - It's Hot In This Mother Fucker
Mainx - 88 to Piano / Cool Jack - Jus Come
Kazey - Sweet Harmony
Chemical Brothers - These Beats Are Made For Breakin'
Hit House - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground
Micronauts - High Rise (Das Glow Remix)
Samantha Fu - Theme From The Discotheque
Nicolas Vallee - New York
Surkin - Kid Gloves
Orange Lemon - Dreams Of Santa Anna
Bobmo - Rock The
Surkin - Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards Remix)

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