Tuesday, March 11, 2008



Montreal´s Cfcf is something of a wonder. He makes beautiful electronic music that screams WHY AM I SO THIRSTY!! and he has remixed The Teenagers like every other blog artist out there. Yet Cfcf´s remix stands out among the other innocuous efforts in that it has the best melody in any song I´ve heard, period. I might be overstating it, but there is no denying the infectiousness of cfcf´s el-piano.

His non-remixes also offer some great moments.

Many of these tracks have previously been featured on Discodust.

Download The Teenagers - Sunset Beach (Cfcf Remix)

Download Cfcf - Claudio

Download Cfcf - Sogni Rossi

Downlaod Cfcf - How Bizarre

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