Sunday, April 27, 2008



I was bottlefed on west coast hip hop in the early nineties, and it lay the foundation for my music interest today. There is something funny about a 10 year old middleclass Norwegian white kid trying to be a gangster and bumping the likes of Ganksta C, Lil´ 1/2 Dead and C.P.O. Boss Hogg in his yellow Sony sports walk man.

So in a fit of reminiscence I have compiled some of the early-to mid nineties tracks that inspired me to dress up like Snoop in the "Nuthin´But A G Thang" Video.

Download Spice 1 - D Boyz Got Love For Me (From AmeriKKKa´s Nightmare 1994)

Download Too Short - Cocktales (From Cocktales 1995)

Download MC Eiht - One Less Nigga (From Tales From The Hood Soundtrack 1995)

Download 2nd II None - Didn´t Mean To Turn You On (From Above The Rim Soundtrack 1994)

Download DJ Quik feat. Hi-C - You Can´t Fuck With A Nigga (From Menace II Society Soundtrack 1993)

Download Thug Life - Don´t Get It Twisted (From Thug Life 1994)

Download Lil´ 1/2 Dead - Caavy Sounds (From Steel On A Mission 1996)

Download Lil´ 1/2 Dead - 12 Pacofdoja (From The Dead Has Arisen 1994)

Download Domino feat. Chill - Tales From The Hood (From Tales From The Hood Soundtrack 1995)

Download Ice Cube - Ghetto Bird (From Lethal Injection 1993)

Download Above The Law - Black Superman (From Uncle Sam´s Curse 1994)


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