Monday, May 12, 2008



Today´s Wesss Up focuses on Californian word smith, and Arnold Shwarzenegger of hip hop (in that he´s a king of one-liners, like "same shit different toilet" and "shit on your intellect and fertilize your mind") Ras Kass. He came up around the same time as the better known XZIBIT, and debuted in 1996 with Soul On Ice on Priority Records which also was home of ICE CUBE.

He followed up in 1999 with Rasassination where he tried to cross over int the main stream with GHETTO FABULOUS, but thankfully his efforts were in vain. I lost track of him after RASASSINATION, but I saw on his Myspace that he has a new album coming soon. But listening to the tracks there is nothing that grabs me like his early stuff did.

Download Ras Kass - Miami Life (From Soul On Ice, 1996)

Download Ras Kass - H2O Proof (From Rasassination, 1999)

Download Ras Kass - Nature Of The Threat (From Soul On Ice, 1996)

Download Ras Kass - Rasassination (From Rasassintaion, 1999)

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