Thursday, June 12, 2008



I finally found one of my favorite tunes EVER on mp3. Michael Jonzun´s "Burnin´ Up" is an 80´s pop song that just has me at a loss for words, it´s just beyond them (words that is).

He is the man who was the brains behind the freestyle milestone act that was The Jonzun Crew and he also discovered and produced Destiny´s Child way back when. He is also responsible for the god-like boy band New Kids On the Block. Need I say moer?

Well, I will: I first heard the track on Chromeo´s 2005 mixtape Un Joli Mix Pour Toi, which you should buy if you don´t already own a copy.

Nuff said, enjoy the shit out of this truly classic track...

Download Michael Jonzun - Burnin´Up

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