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French crew Dirty Soundsystem recently did a mix for the Fairtilizer blog inspired by the great state of California. The Dirty Soundsystem is Guillaume Sorge and Clovis Goux (and sometimes Benjamin Morando as a guest) and it´s more a compilation of nice tunes then a mix.

Here is what the man himself had to say:

"I made this special mix thinking of my future holidays in California with ‘Canardo’. Sun, sea & seals are expected. This is music for psychic road warriors. The end of the trip is taking place in Italy. Don’t ask me why."


Dirty Soundsystem - California Mix


Ash Ra Tempel - « Silence sauvage »

Manuel Göttshing, the mastermind of Ash Ra Tempel, is the god of mental music. This track comes from the soundtrack of « Le berceau de crystal » by Philippe Garel, one of the french lovers of Nico.

Tangerine Dream – « Love On A Real Train »

From the soundtrack of « Risky Business ». Horrible movie if you don’t like the 80’s, scientologists and Wayfarers, but great Tangerine Dream score.

Pino Donaggio - « Body Double theme »

This is the moment when chippendales are ringing at your door for a sauna party.

Bruce Springsteen - « I’m on Fire »

The boss with 80’s keyboards. What a song! After this, I was thinking of playing « In the air tonight » by Phil Collins but i prefer this one :

Suicide - « Dream Baby Dream »

The dark side of the American dream. Bruce Springsteen covered this song on his last tour. A masterpiece.

Christophe « Rock Monsieur »

Christophe is our french Alan Vega.

JJ Cale - « Ride me High (Joakim edit) »

Country laidback classic by JJ revisited by Joakim. For cocaine cowboys.

Wilson, Dennis - « Dreamer »

Dennis Wilson was a beach boy, a friend of Charles Manson, and a Pacific ocean lover. He drowned at Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles.

Fleetwood Mac - « Walk A Thin Line »

From the incredible « Tusk » album, the quintessence of the west coast spirit : paranoia and freeways under the sun.

Ennio Morricone - « Notturno Per Tre »

At the end of the road, The Maestro is waiting for an « Autostop Rosso Sangue ».

Ennio Morricone - « Lisa E Nikos »

Direction South Europe with this track from the « Dedicato Al Mare Egeo » soundtrack.

Pippo Caruso - « Identificazione »

Epic and lyric, from one of the sickest movie ever made : « La Maladolescenza »

Rondo Veneziano – « La Serenissima »

As we say : « voir Venise et mourir »

Steve Reich – « Pulses »

As we say : « The light at the end of the tunnel is a train »

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