Sunday, September 7, 2008



A live dj mix from Fully Fitted´s Pase Rock.

In his words:

"For those of you that don't know the Do-Over is the best party in Los Angeles and has been running for about 3 years. It's hosted by Chris Haycock, Jaime Strong from Stones Throw and the man the myth the legend Aloe Blacc. Aloe is the MC and they have a various who's who of DJ's unexpectedly stopping thru. This year alone Stretch Armstrong, Peanut Butter Wolf, DJ Eleven, Thee Mike B, Will.I.Am, Lloydski, Blu Jemz, DJ Spinna, 9th Wonder, DJ namedrop namedrop namedrop have all showed up and rocked. They never announce the line up, you just have to come and get down and jam. It's a real music loving crowd on some sweaty backyard barbeque and sangria steez. BEAUTIFUL. My plan was to play some soulful disco and house but when I arrived Damon Bell was kinda destroying the game on that tip and Chris asked me to "get it loose" around 7 pm. Arabian Prince from NWA (yeah that NWA) was playing after me, so I was kinda in "holy shit" mode and really geeking out on some nerdy hip hop shit (bu-bu-but wait it gets worse!) so I check out the scene to see what was mean and feel it out a little bit on what I should do. I think I made the right decision. ANYWAY if you're ever in LA in the summertime on a sunday afternoon make sure you stop by Crane's Tavern in Hollywood for the Do Over. go for the music, get drunk off the sangria and stay for the BBQ."

Pase Rock - Do Over 17. August 2008

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