Saturday, September 27, 2008



Finally something worth while out of my home town. Norway is generally not a haven for good producers and dj´s, but this guy´s got it right. He´s mixing up funk, soul and that ol´ time electropop like a man on a mission, his name is Pelifics, so check him out on this mix he did for supeblog Valerie.

You can get some of his tunes over at Smuglesning

Pelifics - Mix For Valerie


01. Alexander Robotnick – Intro For Live Performances
02. Ready For The World – Oh Sheila
03. Diana Ross – Telephone
04. DMX Krew – DMX Bass
05. Golden Boy with Miss Kittin – Autopilot (Nachtfahrt remix)
06. Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Gals
07. Wham! – Nothing Looks The Same In The Light
08. The System – You Are in My System
09. Computor Rockers – Level Select
10. Grace Jones – The Frog and The Princess
11. Alexander Robotnick – Celle Vache De Ma Mere
12. Peter Richard – Walking In The Neon (Club version)
13. Mr Velcro Fastener – Electric Appliances
14. Sandy Marton – People From Ibiza
15. Future Loop Foundation – The Sea And The Sky (Pelifics Unofficial Remix)
16. Metro Area – Strut
17. Raiders of the Lost Arp – Polydemo
18. Break Machine – Break Dance Party
19. 安田成美 – 風の谷のナウシカ
20. Kelley Polar – A Dream In Three Parts (On Themes By Enesco)

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