Saturday, October 11, 2008



Tiedye is New Jersey label Italians Do It Better´s latest signing. The duo consists of Swede Anton Qling and Edvin Edvinson. Anyways, Qlint seems to be the face of the group. Their production is very much in the vain of other IDIB acts like Glass Candy and Chromatics.

Featured here is a cover version of Metallica´s "Nothing Else Matters" and a remix of Rubies´ track "I Feel Electric", as well as a mix Anton did for one of the best blogs in the world Alainfinkielkrautrock.

Tiedye - Nothing Else Matters

Rubies - I Feel Electric (Tiedye Remix)

Anton Qlint - Ge Och Ta Mix


01 - Rasa - The greatest one
02 - Graham Nash - Earth & Sky
03 - Renée - Can't live my life
04 - Alan Tarney - On TV
05 - Eloy - Mirador
06 - Moon Martin - Writing on the wall
07 - The Earons - Land of hunger (Dub version)
08 - Cos/mes - Fanfare Maniac
09 - MUD - Mr Bagatelle
10 - Torkel Rasmusson - Resan

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