Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Day three of the Mike Simonetti tracklist breakdown, today with the first track on the mix by Ace Frehley former lead guitarist and singer from the band Kiss, maybe you´ve heard of them?! Anyways, Kiss put out an album in ´78 and as you see from the cover above the abum was entitled "Ace Frehley" and had him alone on the cover. Why, I don´t know, maybe it was an attempt to give some of the other guys some thunder too. Who knows, but it´s a good album you should check it you have the chance. The lending of thunder didn´t have a huge effect so Ace sought greener pastures and broke from kiss in ´82 to start his own band Frehley´s Comet, but as you probably gather they by no means came close to the success of Kiss. But Ace keeps at it and still tours with Frehley´s Comet.

MP3 Ace Frehley - Back In The New York Groove

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ib said...

Nice to see "New York Groove" getting a mention. If I remember rightly, the 1978 Kiss album was a marketing ploy to sell multiple copies to hardcore fans; each band member had his face on the cover, and I know of at least one person who fell over himself in the rush to collect the complete set of four.

Seems unbelievably cynical now!