Monday, November 24, 2008



Mr. Oizo just released his brand spankin´new album on Ed Banger Records. The album keeps the french wave alive, but Oizo also delves into more interesting territory, as is the case with the two tracks featured here. I feel StĂ©phane Girard sums it up pretty nicely in his review: "If Daft Punk are the godfathers of both the original filtered French Touch sound and the recent Paris-centric maximalist blog-house scene, then Quentin Dupieux, AKA the elusive Mr. Oizo, is their drunken wife-beating libidinous uncle: You can never tell in what state he is going to show up at the family reunion, and you're not sure you would want to be seen in public with him, but you know the party would definitely not be the same without him." Amen.

MP3 Mr. Oizo - Cut Dick

MP3 Mr. Oizo - Jo

Buy the album at itunes or Beatport or just go to your local record store.

The cover is great, Flat Eric getting the "un chien andalou" treatment to his eyeball:

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