Wednesday, December 3, 2008



I must be humble and admit that I´m a shameless follower of fads (well, only when it comes to music). I was all over B-More and the whole hip-hop meets dance craze, as was I excited when I saw that there were people out there who shared my obsession with cheesy 80´s music and aesthetic. They were ofcourse the Valerie mob. They put the roaming synths of 80´s movies and TV-Shows back on the musical map, not that people hadn´t drawn inspiration from this before, but not in a shameless way like the Valerie kids did. I did a post on it almost exactly a year ago and called it "a new electronic movement", which it kind of was at that time. However lack of originality and forward thinking made all these guys sound very much alike. They had a few intoxicating hits, but I couldn´t tell one from the other after a while, and kind of lost interest.

Now over a year after their "breakthrough" Valerie releases its first album, by Valerie blog founder College called "Secret Diary". I´m doing this post because I like the cover (which is very much inspired by Brian De Palma´s unforgettable 1984 classic Body Double) and because Anoraak and himself are playing here in Oslo on Friday. 8 months ago I would be truly excited, but now I´m so so.

I´m posting a track I posted before by Tangerine Dream, because it´s kind of the same sound only better. If you want College go to the Valerie blog and buy his album here.

MP3 Tangerine Dream - Logos, Pt. 1 (B) (Alt. Link)

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