Tuesday, December 2, 2008



I-f the Deutsch electro machine behind Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass mixed it up in the Hague probably not too long ago. It´s a collection of electro, freestyle, disco and house, but all on a very mechanical (in a good way!) level. Also it´s very old school as you can see from the tracklist.

MP3 I-f - Mixed up In Der Haag vol. 2 (zshare)


Material - Don't Lose Control
Junior Byron - Dance To The Music
Strafe - Set It Off
Night Moves - Trance Dance
Mirage - Woman
BWH - Stop
Kid Frost - Terminator
Project Future - Ray-Gun-Omics
Steel Mind - Bad Passion
Pete Shelley - I Don't Know What It Is
IMS - Nonline
Gino Soccio - Dancer
Electric Funk - On A Journey
Cellophane - Gimme Love
'lectric Funk - Robot Is Systematic
Sparks - Beat The Clock
Heather Parisi - Disco Bambina
The Parallax Corporation - Anti Social Tendencies
Models - Jr Robot
Scotch - Penguin Invasion
Brand Image - Are You Loving?
Thanya - Freedom
Goblin - Tenebrae

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