Wednesday, December 10, 2008



The Netherlands seems to be a breeding ground for itlao-disco inspired electro funkers. One of which is Alden Tyrell. He stays true to the rules of ol´ time electro and takes it beyond into the future where it was originally heading before other people (who won´t be mentioned here) retrofied it.

MP3 Alden Tyrell - Knockers (Alt. Link)

MP3 Alden Tyrell - Digger (Alt. Link)

Plus a mix he did full of beautiful italo with Moustache Records head honcho David Vunk courtesy of Valerie.

MP3 Alden Tyrell & David Vunk - True Love

Plus Plus a couple of aces italo tracks from the wonderful Confuzed Disco compilation.

MP3 Fawzia - Please Don´t Be Sad (Alt. Link)

MP3 The Stupid Set - Don´t Be Cold (In The Summertime Love) (Instrumental) (Alt. Link)

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