Saturday, February 7, 2009



Just as I´m "re-discovering" the greatness of Beirut, I found out that the 23 year old wunderkind just released another album with the snappy title "March of the Zapotec and Real People Holland - New Recordings from the State of Oaxaca". I´m thrilled of course to hear these new Gypsy-ish renderings from the Paris based New Mexican native, and Gypsy-ish is what I get, but I get something more as well. It seems Zach Condon has another had an affair with a synthesizer while the accordion sits at home with the kids.

The best and most accurate comparison I can make when it comes to the synth tracks on this album is to swedish electropopper Familjen, and listening to "No Dice" it feels like the Skonska vocals are just around the corner. Instead we get a great melody and headnoddingfoottapping beat.

Zach stays with wifey though for most of the album, and his "affair" with the Synth becomes more of a fling than something serious.

MP3 Beirut - No Dice (Alt. Link)

MP3 Beirut - The Shrew (Alt. Link)

Buy the album on itunes.

Read a Q&A with the man here.

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