Friday, March 6, 2009



I continue to stay excited about Erol Alkan and Richard Norris´ side project Beyond The Wizard´s Sleeve. They have graced these pages before in mix form, and now they do so again. This time is also a live mix, it was recorded in July of 2007 at G-Mex in Manchester and features the usual psych rock goodness.

MP3 Beyond The Wizard´s Sleeve - Live @ G-Mex, Manchester, July 2007 (Alt. Link)

Beyond Space - Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve
Battlescars (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Demo Re-Animation) - The Chemical Brothers
Words - Unknown (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Hey Bulldog- The Beatles (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
My White Bicycle - Tomorrow
Open My Eyes - The Nazz
Bubble Burst - The Small Faces (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Uptight - Reggie Cravens Quartet
The Horror Scope - Unknown (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Just Dropped In - Kenny Rodgers and The First Edition
Love Buzz - Shocking Blue
Young Folk (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re Animation) - Peter Bjorn & John
A House Is Not A Motel - Love (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
The Witch - The Rattles
Save My Soul - Wimple Winch
See Emily Play - Pink Floyd
Once You Understand - Encounter
Banana Splits Theme - Richie Adams and Mark Barkan

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