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Another RA podcast for you beautiful people.

This is what RA wrote about the mix:

Ever wonder where the DFA got its name? Originally it was the nickname for James Murphy’s PA setup when he served as the sound engineer for Providence, Rhode Island post-punk group Six Finger Satellite. John Maclean played guitar for that same band and the duo became fast friends, bonding over their love of techno – a rare thing in the indie rock circles that Six Finger ran in during the ‘90s.

Maclean left the band in the late ‘90s and effectively retired from the music business, maintaining a friendship with Murphy while studying for a degree and then teaching English in New Hampshire. But when DFA finally got started as a record label, the pull of Murphy was too much: in 2002, Maclean released 'By the Time I Get to Venus' and 'You Can’t Have It Both Ways,' two electro classics that helped mark the label as one of the United States’ most exciting imprints.

It’s been nearly three years, however, since we’ve heard new material from Maclean & co. That all should change in 2008, though, with the release of the The Future Will Come full-length and the irrepressible 'Happy House' as a single. After that? It’s back to the live grind. Maclean spent much of the three years since Less Than Human honing his live group – and their show contains all of the punk energy that you’d expect from a former guitarist in an indie band. Don’t worry, though, we imagine there’ll be plenty of chance to see Juan DJ at the afterparties, as well.

For a sneak peek, take a listen to Maclean’s podcast: it was done live in a café near his home in New Hampshire and guides listeners from pop beginnings through to techno all the way to Kate Bush.

Well, Juan...what do you have to say for yourself?

What have you been working on recently?

I have been finishing my next album The Future Will Come. Me and James Murphy are just putting the final touches on it now. I am very excited about it, it is an entirely vocal oriented album. Sort of a disco inflected Human League sounding record featuring many duets between me and Nancy Whang, who has sung on Juan MacLean stuff here and there in the past, but is now featured full-on throughout this entire album.

Where was the mix recorded?

At first I was going to do it at home in New Hampshire, but what usually happens when I do mixes at home is that a 1.5 hr mix takes all day to make because I keep starting and stopping, doing it over. I refuse to edit mixes, fix them on the computer or whatever, or edit them after. So instead I went to a café/bar type place down the street from where I live, they have a DJ setup there and at night there is typically someone playing lounge type stuff, hanging out music. They let me play that night, so I just went and belted it out. Just two 1200s, I brought my small Urei mixer. No monitor, just a minimal p.a. I figured the sacrifice in doing a perfect mix in a technical sense was worth it, to actually play to people who are dancing. I’m really tired of laptop mixes. They bore me to tears.

What are you up to next?

In 2008 I start the live band back up in order to tour on this next album. So 2008 is the year of The Future Will Come for me. We will tour the world as a live band, DJing at after parties after the shows. Releasing an album pretty much takes over your entire life for a year or so, much to the chagrin of your wife, girlfriend, kids, whatever, but it is worth it. Marriages end in divorce, kids grow up to resent you, and girlfriends are in love with some nice guy at the office, but music will never let you down. It is my god.


01. Hawkwind - 10 Seconds Of Forever [United Artist]
02. Still Going - On and On [DFA]
03. Green Velvet presents Jamie Principle - LaLaLaLaLa [Cajual]
04. Cyclops - Where's Jasons K? [DFA]
05. Phuture - Rise From Your Grave (Tiefschwarz remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
06. The Juan Maclean - Give Me Every Little Thing (Putcsh 79 remix) [DFA]
07. Ginger Ale - Happy House [Virgin]
08. The Juan Maclean - Happy House [DFA]
09. Marcus Worgull feat. Mr. White - Spellbound [Innervisions]
10. James Priestley and Dan Berkson - Chariots [Simple]
11. Simon Baker - Gutterlevel – [2020 Vision]
12. Marc Romboy - Sunburst [Simple]
13. John Dahlback - Hustle Up [Nero]
14. Audion - Noiser [Spectral Sound]
15. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Ashley Beedle re-edit) [bootleg]

Download Juan Maclean - RA Podcast 086

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It is widely known by now that the Justice Fabric 38 Mix was rejected and duties were handed to M.A.N.D.Y. who gave a straight forward minimal mix as apposed to Justice´s more old school and "alternative" approach. The mix is very good and it probably scared the good people at Fabric that it wasn´t filled with the noisy club bangers we have come to expect from Xavier & Gaspard.


01 Sparks – Tryouts For The Human Race – Virgin
02 Rondo Veneziano – La Serenissima - Universal
03 Goblin – Tenebrae - Cinevox
04 Daft Punk – Ouverture - Virgin
05 Surkin – Next Of Kin – Institubes
06 Symbolone – Love Juice - SymbolOne
07 Korgis – Everybodys Gotta Learn Sometimes – Angel Air
08 Midnight Juggernauts – Ending Of An Era – Mindight Juggernauts
09 The Paradise Ft Romauld – In Love With You – Vulture
10 Justice – TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY (Acapella) – Ed Banger
11 Chic – Everybody Dance – Atlantic
12 Frankie Valli – Who Loves You – Warners
13 Das Pop – Underground – Das Pop
14 Julien Clerc – Quand Je Joue – EMI
15 Daniel Balavoine – Vivre Ou Survivre – Barclay
16 Richard Sanderson – Reality - Barclay
17 Zoot Woman – Grey Day – Wall Of Sound
18 Fucking Champs – Thor Is Like Immortal – Drag City
19 The Rave – Mother – The Rave
20 Fancy – You Never Know - Fancy
21 Frank Stallone – Far From Over - Universal
22 Sheila – Misery – Warners
23 Todd Rundgren – International Feel - Warners

Download Justice - Fabric 38


Track 2 from the fabric mix.

Download Rondo Veneziano - La Serenissma



Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax, Poni Hoax...

Download Poni Hoax - Budapest

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Hot Chip - One Pure Thought [EMI]
Noze - You Have to Dance [Unreleased]
Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (Hot Chip Remix) [EMI]
Jill Scott - Golden (Wookie Dub Mix) [White Label]
Grovesnor - Drive Your Car [Greco Roman]
Chic - I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit) [White Label]
Justus Köhncke - Parage [Kompakt]
Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction [Geffen Records]
Romanthony - Bring U Up [Glasgow Underground]
Timbaland - Drop [AV8]
Matt John - Olga Dancekowski [BAR25]
Matthew Dear - Don & Sherri (Hot Chip Version) [Ghostly International]
Lanark - Mandinko [Unreleased]
Alex Under - Untitled [Trapez]
Smith N Hack - Falling Stars [Smith N Hack]
Undisputed Truth - Law of the Land [EMI]
Paul Kalkbrenner - Ick Muss Aus Dit Millieu Heraus [B-Pitch Control]
Minilogue - Space [My Best Friend]
Lucio Aquilina - Feelin Plastik [Trapez]
Giorgio Prezioso and Libex - Pongo (Extended) [Net's Work International]
Minimow - Where's My Pill? [Hell Yeah Recordings]
The Surgery / Sticky - More Weed [Social Circles]
Red Robin & Jakob Hilden - Snapdragon [Trapez Limited]
Tiefschwarz - Original (Carl Craig Remix) [Souvenir]
Jeff Samuel - I Think They Are Trying to Say Something [Trapez]
Burial - Archangel [Hyperdub]

Download Hot Chip - Essential Mix 29/12/2007



So no one told you life was gonna be this waaay
Your job´s a joke, you´re broke
Your love life´s DOAAAAAA
It´s Like you´re always stuck in second geear
And it hasn´t been your day in weeks, in months or even all yeeear


I´ll be there for youuuuu
When the rain starts to pour
I´ll be there for youuuuu
Like I´ve been there before
I´ll be there for youuuu
´Cuz your there for me toooooo

Download Steve Rachmand - Moog On Acid

Wednesday, January 9, 2008



Here is what XLR8 wrote:

Iggor Cavalera is recognized throughout the world as a master drummer and former member of none other than Brazilian heavy-metal band Sepultura. However, he is as much familiar with turntables and MPCs and he is with a drum kit, taking his credo of Hard Beat Beat and applying it to other projects. As Mixhell, he and his wife, Laima Leyton, combine dancefloor and hard rock sensibilities for DJ sets as unpredictable as Cavalera's musical career.

1. Iron Maiden "The Number of the Beast (Mixhell Edit)"
2. Iron Maiden "Run to the Hills (Mixhell Edit)"
3. Lowclub "Brooklyn People"
4. Mixhell "The Kids Are Alright"
5. Claude Von Stroke "The Whistler"
6. Rolf Honey "Blast Up"
7. Surkin "Hoes Get Down"
8. Faggetfairys "Uzela (prod. Joakim, T.O.M , Sensimilla)"
9. Lilica Libertine "Manhunt"
10. Justice "Phantom Part II (Soulwax Remix)"
11. Turbo Trio "Terremoto (Mixhell Remix)"
12. Buraka Som Sistema "Yah!"
13. Mixhell "Sore Throath Break"
14. Choreo "Cut The Dust (Mixhell Edit)"
15. Jane's Addiction "Stop!"
16. Dusty Kid "The Cat (Crookers Remix)"
17. Dusty Kid "The Cat"
18. Jean Nipon "Raw Deal"
19. Benjamin Theves "Texas"
20. Hands of God "Fingers (Moulinex Remix)"
21. Terry Lynn "Kocky/ KingstonLogic (Mixhell Edit)"
22. Surkin "Ghetto Obsession"
23. Crookers "We are Prostitutes"
24. Cajuan "The Raven"
25. Brodinsky "Bad Runner"
26. KIM "Wet n Wild (Riot in Belgium Remix)"
27. The Rapture "Who! Alright (SMD Remix)"
28. Sebastian "Nu Song"
29. New Young Pony Club "Ice Cream"
30. Mudd "Adventures In Bickett Wood (Layne's Head Stash Re-Roll)"
31. Alloy Mental "Alloy Mental (Boys Noize Remix)"
32. Rolf Honey "Call them Dude"
33. Chernobyl "Baile Punk"
34. Sinden "Ghetto Bitches"
35. NYPC "Get Lucky"
36. Radioclit "Divine Gosa (Brodinsky Remix)"
37. Proper Vilains "Tricky Baby"
38. Justice "The Party"
39. Donovan "Yo!"
40. Crookers "Politik Kills"
41. Turbo Trio & Chernobyl "Ela ta na Festa"
42. King Amir "Samir's Theme (Erick E Extended)"
43. Zombie Disco Squad "Straight Boy"
44. LA Priest "Straight Man (Erol Alkan Remix)"
45. Mixhell "The Kids Are Alright"

Download Mixhell - XLR8 Podcast Jan. 2008

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Binge & Purge are Tommy Sunshine and Mark Verbos. And back in 2005 they made a great electro tune together strangely titled "A Little Bit Of This Of This Town Goes Away"!? Anyway, the song is beautiful and it reminds me a little of Brad Fidel´s score to Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

You can get their album and EP´s over at Beatport, as well as more of Sunshine & Verbo´s solo stuff.

Play it loud!!

Download Binge & Purge - A Little Bit Of This Of This Town Goes Away

Wednesday, January 2, 2008



A mix I did with Beatport Sync.


1. Shur-I-Can - Fantasy
2. Kerri Chandler - Coro (Kaoz Dark mix)
3. Deadset - Tick Tock (Jesse Rose Dub Mix)
4. Worthy - Crack-El
5. Nique & Reese Urban - Going Down
6. Johnny Fiasco - The Message
7. JT Donaldson - Jack Is Back
8. Peace Devision - What Is This Sound? (King Unique Supa Edit)
9. Santiago & Bushido - Chicago MF
10. Johnny Fiasco - Party Time
11. Johnny Fiasco - The Message (Reprise)
12. CPEN - Puffin´ Stuff (Flashback Rework Mix)
13. High Caliber & Grant Gerrard - Get Up
14. Craig Alexander - Groove Mission
15. Mark Almaria - Music´s In Me
16. Granite & Phunk - Sin City
17. Miss Mee - Surprise Me
18. Johnny Fiasco - Hijacked
19. Brett Johnson & Dave Barker - Where Are You From? (Sinco & Parker Aerobic Mix)
20. David Duriez - The Ripost
21. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be (Instrumental Mix)

Download Chevy Chaser - Roaming Around The House