Thursday, May 29, 2008



A few weeks ago I posted the legendary Follow The Sound mixtape by Bitch Ass Darius. He´s Back with another one, and it´s pretty good too (especially the ghetto tech version of BETTER OFF ALONE).

Download Bitch Ass Darius - Do It 2 It Promotional Mix

I´m also tossing in his stellar track "Ride".

Download Bitch Ass Darius - Ride



Electro/Disco/Funk/Soul crew In Flagranti hail from Brooklyn, NY and have been described in anXLR8R review of their album Wronger Than Anyone Else like so: "Cross ABBA and ADULT, and give the resulting offspring some cocaine and a good sequencer, and you'd get something close to In Flagranti...". This description is fitting, however you should also throw a little bit of fellow NY crew DFA into the mix. This is discofied pump all the way! Thoughts also go to keepers of Norwegian electronic-music-pride Todd Terje, Lindstrøm and Diskjokke who all play catch in the same ball park.

The mix featured here is a live one, from a few weeks ago in NY club concept INFATUATION.

Download In Flagranti - Live @ Infatuation

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SYDNEY POLLACK R.I.P. -- 1 JULY 1934 - 26 MAY 2008


It´s a sad day.

From IMDB:

Acclaimed director, producer, and actor Sydney Pollack has died of cancer. He was 73.

According to the AP, quoting Pollack's agent Leslee Dart, Pollack died Monday afternoon (5/26/08) at his home in Pacific Palisades, surrounded by family and friends.

Though Sydney Pollack started out as an actor and acting coach and later ended his career doubling producer duties with cameo and supporting roles, it was as a director that Pollack will probably best be remembered. His films had the sheen of the Golden Era of Hollywood, even though most were made in the `70s and `80s. They also spanned genres and included The Way We Were (`73), Three Days of the Condor (`75), The Electric Horseman (`79), Tootsie (`82), culminating in what was arguably his greatest success, Out of Africa (`85).

Sydney Irwin Pollack was born on July 1, 1934, in Lafayette and raised in South Bend, Indiana. He developed a love of acting at South Bend High School and went straight to New York and the Neighborhood Playhouse School for Theater. There, Sanford Meisner took him under his wing, first as a student and then as his assistant. Pollack received favorable marks from his students, which included Robert Duvall and Rip Torn, and Claire Griswold, a former pupil whom Pollack married and remained married to for 50 years.

His time at the Neighborhood Playhouse was destined not to last as long and, under the encouragement of director John Frankenheimer and nudging from Burt Lancaster, Pollack began directing. He started out small, in television shows such as The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Ben Casey.

He soon branched out into feature filmmaking. His first was The Slender Thread, starring Anne Bancroft and Sydney Poitier in a story about a desperate woman and the suicide hotline volunteer who attempts to keep her on the line while waiting for the police to find her.

The film fared poorly, both critically and financially, as, to a lesser extent, did Pollack's second feature, 1966's This Property Is Condemned, based upon a Tennessee Williams play (with a screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola). It featured Natalie Wood as a girl desperate to break out of her small town who sets her sights and hopes on a traveling railroad official and company hatchet man, played by Robert Redford. Property was the start of a lifelong association and friendship with Redford; Pollack would direct Redford in seven films in total, including some of his most famous.

His first success came with the depression-era The Shoot Horses, Don't They?, which followed the characters involved in a grueling dance marathon. It starred Jane Fonda and shattered her American image as a comely ingénue or a sex kitten and established her as a serious actress once and for all. She received her first Oscar nomination for the part.

Most actors benefited from appearing in a Pollack film. Twelve actors received Oscar nominations after being in one of his movies, including Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, and Dustin Hoffman. He was no stranger to the Academy himself. He was nominated three times for Best Director (Horses and Tootsie, winning for Out of Africa). Oddly enough, Redford never received a nomination for any of the multiply-lauded films in which he starred for Pollack.

Industry recognition was just part of his success. His films were also profitable at the box office. Hits included Horses, The Way We Were, Three Days of the Condor, The Electric Horseman and The Firm.

Out of Africa was where everything gelled. It had an enormous canvas, an epic scope, a glorious score, luscious cinematography and two superstars (Redford and Streep) in the leads. The film was nominated for 11 awards, picking up seven including Best Picture and Director.

He had misses too. Havana, Random Hearts and Sabrina were the rare examples of critical and commercial failures.

Producing became a passion for him after this string of misfires. Along with the late Anthony Minghella, who died earlier this year during a throat operation, Pollack created Mirage Enterprises. The shop produced The Fabulous Baker Boys, Sense and Sensibility, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain. But Mirage represented just a smattering of Pollack's producing duties, which also included Searching for Bobby Fischer, The Quiet American, Michael Clayton and the HBO film, Recount.

In recent years Pollack also specialized in the role of the powerful corporate or societal patriarch, one willing to lay down the law or to teach the hard truths of life to the protagonist. He played variations of it in Eyes Wide Shut, Changing Lanes and Michael Clayton and created what can only be described as avuncular malevolence, inspiring fear and awe while exuding a tinge of mercy. It was the stature of Pollack in the industry itself and his commanding presence on and off the screen that lent the roles their gravitas. They sprang from the man himself.

Pollack is survived by his wife, Claire; two daughters, Rebecca and Rachel; his brother Bernie; and six grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his son, Steven, who died in 1993 in a plane crash in Santa Monica.

B to the M to the X


More electro from Australia. This time, though, more silly then the Midnight Juggernauhts or Cut Copy´s. They call themselves BMX (for no apparent reason it seems, but everybody has a gimmick these days), they are four young Queenslanders who are obsessed with BMX bicycles and clownish electro pop. So who are we to judge?

Download BMX - War

Get more BMX at Discodust

Sunday, May 25, 2008



The latest edition of the NLLR (No Love Lost Records) comes from French electro popper Anoraak. He is not the best known figure in the ever growing Valerie collective (also home to Dog favorites Minitel Rose and The Outrunners), but he is one of the most interesting.

The mix is (in contrast to the usual NLLR mixtape DJ that mostly opts for the noisy electro, type RIOT IN BELGIUM) a collection of melodic, 80´s, Amiga inspired synth pop. But however 80´s inspired this guy may be, he still succeeds in sounding entirely fresh in his approach, to the mixtape as well as his own productions.

NLLR it seems puts out a new mix every week. So if you´re on FACEBOOK join their group so you can be the first to sample the sweet dance sounds o today.

Download Anoraak - NLLR Mixtape


01. Boards Of Canada - "Ready Let's Go"
02. Stephen Falken - "Shadow Of The Wind"
03. Anoraak - "Nightdrive With You (Grum Remix)"
04. The Outrunners - "Blazing Speed And Neon Light With You"
05. Parallels - "Ultralight"
06. The Similou - "All This Love"
07. Frisky - "Digitalis"
08. Futurecop! - "Class Of 1984 (Anoraak Remix)"
09. Drownsoda - "Playing With Fire On A Cold Winter's Night"
10. College - "Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix)"
11. Nicolas Malkelberge - "A Clean City"
12. Russ Chimes - "Mulsanne"
13. Tocotronic Vs. Console - "Freiburg V3.0"
14. Relation - "Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)"
15. Pnau Feat. Ladyhawke - "Embrace"
16. Lo-Fi-Fnk - "End"
17. Adeyhawke - "Adeyhawke Theme"
18. Daft Punk - "Face To Face"
19. Maethelvin - "My Favorite TV Show"
20. Minitel Rose - "Business Woman"
21. Error::Love - "Dangerous Dance"
22. PonyPonyRunRun - "First Date Mullet (Xinobi Remix)"
23. Cut Copy - Lights And Music (Moulinex Remix)"
24. Foals - "Balloons"
25. Boards Of Canada - "Ready Let's Go"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



A contender for best song ever is DJ Deeon´s Gimmie Hed. I first heard the song on the late and great Disco D´s A Night At The Booty Bar from 2003, and I have been looking for it ever since. Now that I found it I wanna share it with the booty nation.

Download DJ Deeon - Gimmie Hed



Gotye from Melbourne, Australia is the first myspace act that has classified himself as "melodramatic popular song" that actually fits the bill. Because that´s exactly what this is, melodramatic, sometimes funky, vocal based music that hits home. He´s a one man show, and preforms everything (almost) himself when he´s on stage. So check him out if you have the chance.

Download Gotye - Thanks For Your Time

Download Gotye - Heart´s A Mess

Tuesday, May 20, 2008





Two of the best themes ever. One is from 80´s milestone 21 Jump Street and is sung by one on the shows stars Holly Robinson Peete, and the second is from Stanley Kubrick´s 1971 masterpiece A Clockwork Orange. Very different, but equally good.

Download A Clockwork Orange Theme

Download 21 Jump Street Theme

Monday, May 19, 2008



New York turntabelist and self proclaimed king of clubsDJ Roctakon had a pretty big club hit some time back with his B-more version of THE OUTFIELD´S "YOUR LOVE". He´s now traveling the world and tearing up clubs, he´s comeing to Oslo the 7th of June to tear up Blå.

He´s made a mix so we can sample his style, and I´m pretty impressed. Over 50 tracks he runs through AC/DC, Steelers Wheele, K. West, Vanilla Ice, Cyndie Lauper, The Ramones, Eric Prydz, A-Ha and many more.

Download DJ Roctakon - Rokbox (zip)

Saturday, May 17, 2008



A great new Minitel Rose track. It´s got some catchy whistling and funky laughs.

Download Minitel Rose - Magic Powder

And the video.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



I just discovered this track a few months ago, and I found out it´s from ´82 and it´s by Oppenheimer Analysis. The version I found was from the Clone Classic Cuts release (which is worth checking out for reasons other than the track in question).

A little about the artist(s) (cut and paste from their website):

"Oppenheimer Analysis is Andy Oppenheimer and Martin Lloyd. In 1982 they recorded twelve songs, released on the 'New Mexico' cassette compilation. During the next two years they played a series of gigs in London and Brighton. Copies of the cassettes were sold at shows and by mail order".

"In 2007 their songs are still played at clubs and on the radio. Andy and Martin are now recording again, and hope that their new music will soon be coming to a dancefloor or a station near you".

Download Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devils´s Dancers

And I´m throwing on this heat from Frenchies Terrestrial Super Receiver just because it´s hot.

Download Terrestrial Super Receiver - Sky Transmission

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Back to the ´lectro. Just heard this song by London´s Futurecop!, and it got me thinking of the time I was born to the time I was six (´83 - ´89) when it was all so simple.

You might remember Futurecop! from my Back To The Future post from last year. If you don´t, check it out, there are some great tunes there too. Anyways, Mr. Cop is making some well deserved noise at the moment and is touring in Oz in June. So check him out if you come from the land down under (as the song says).

Download Futurecop! - N.A.S.A.

Monday, May 12, 2008



Straight out of Spokane, Washington comes James Pants with one of the best albums I´ve heard in months out on Stones Throw Records. The album is called WELCOME and is a funk/electro/hip hop hybrid blended to give the sense of a journey through modern disco. The album can be bought Here and Here. So do it.

Download James Pants - We´re Through

Also check out his Music From The Forest Podcast




Today´s Wesss Up focuses on Californian word smith, and Arnold Shwarzenegger of hip hop (in that he´s a king of one-liners, like "same shit different toilet" and "shit on your intellect and fertilize your mind") Ras Kass. He came up around the same time as the better known XZIBIT, and debuted in 1996 with Soul On Ice on Priority Records which also was home of ICE CUBE.

He followed up in 1999 with Rasassination where he tried to cross over int the main stream with GHETTO FABULOUS, but thankfully his efforts were in vain. I lost track of him after RASASSINATION, but I saw on his Myspace that he has a new album coming soon. But listening to the tracks there is nothing that grabs me like his early stuff did.

Download Ras Kass - Miami Life (From Soul On Ice, 1996)

Download Ras Kass - H2O Proof (From Rasassination, 1999)

Download Ras Kass - Nature Of The Threat (From Soul On Ice, 1996)

Download Ras Kass - Rasassination (From Rasassintaion, 1999)

Sunday, May 11, 2008



The Ting Tings is an indie pop duo from the UK, if you own a radio (and listen to it) you have probably heard the first single GREAT DJ. Their album is set for release next week, and their new single SHUT UP AND LET ME GO is out now, and you should probably buy it even though you´re getting it here for free. If not, the buy the album and give these guys some scrilla for their butter.

Download The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go

Download The Ting Tings - That´s Not My Name

Download The Ting Tings - Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)

Saturday, May 10, 2008



Another 80 track deep mix for you. This time by Germans Overthrill done for the nllr mix series. The tracks cover a little more musical ground than the Bitch Ass Darius mix.

Download Overthrill - NLLR Mixtape

01 OVERTHRILL - Sounds Of Earth Mixxxtape Intro
02 Captain Future Soundtrack - Enemies Attack
03 Roxanne Shante - Live On Stage (House Mix)
04 Mr. Oizo - Patrick 122
05 Chemical Brothers - Prescription Beats
06 SebastiAn - Motor (Distort Edit)
07 Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
08 Bob Sinclar - Ich Rocke
09 SebastiAn - Dog
10 DJ Medhi - Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
11 Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
12 Ceasefire vs. Deadly Avenger - Evil Knievel
13 Blaqstarr - All The Girls Around The World (Klever So So Death Remix)
14 Blaqstarr - Blaw (Neos Let The Attack Begin Edit)
15 Sinden / Blaqstarr - Beeper (Shake It Down)
16 Count & Sinden - Beeper (A-Trak Remix)
17 Instant Wilkie - Make It Back Home (Overthrill Remix)
18 Revolte - Flash Gordon Comes Back
19 Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me (Fuck You!!!)
20 SebastiAn - Walkman (Re-Edit)
21 Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp
22 Busy P - Rainbow Man
23 Missy Elliot - Pass The Dutch
24 Queen - Flash's Theme
25 Kelis - Bossy (SebastiAn Remix)
26 Rock Steady Crew - Hey You
27 Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes
28 Daft Punk - Da Funk
29 Anthony King - Lost Star
30 Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg - Buttonz
31 SebastiAn - Untitled
32 Danger - 9H20
33 Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out
34 Gwen McRae - All This Love I'm Giving
35 Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
36 Outkast - Da Art Of Storytellin'
37 Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
38 Thomas Bangalter - Night Beats
39 Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
40 Bangers & Cash - Loose
41 Uptown - Dope On Plastic
42 Hifana - Power Push Breakin' (Fresh Sequence Mix)
43 Hardwire - Say It Loud
44 Modeselektor feat. Puppetmastaz - The Dark Side Of The Sun
45 J Dilla - Signs
46 Busy P - To Protect & Entertain
47 The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
48 Prince And The New Power Generation - Gett Off
49 Ali Love - Lost in the K-Hole (SebastiAn remix)
50 The Prodigy - Poison
51 Hifana - Fresh Push Breakin' - Intro (No Sequence Fresh Push Mix)
52 Propellerheads - A Number Of Microphones
53 Missy Elliot feat. Method Man - Bring The Pain
54 Prodigy - Voodoo People (Chemical Brothers remix)
55 Tim Dog feat. KRS ONE - I Get Wrecked
56 Uffie - Pop The Glock (SebastiAn Remix)
57 London Funk Allstars - Sure Shot
58 Breakwater - Release The Beast
59 SymbolOne - Love Juice
60 Les Rythmes Digitales - Take A Little Time
61 Westbam - Alarm Clock
62 Jackson And His Computer Band - Fast Life
63 An Der Beat - Cut Killer Show
64 Sébastien Tellier - Divine (Danger Remix)
65 The Marketts - Out Of Limits
66 Nelson - I Say You Can't Stop (DatA Remix)
67 Mr. Spring - Blaxxtraxx 3 (Funky Nassau)
68 The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
69 M.I.A. - URAQT (Luvtek Remix)
70 The 3 Amigos - Louie Louie (Wiseguys Mix)
71 Timbaland feat. Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake - Bounce
72 Fatboy Slim - Star 69
73 Indian Ropeman Do Not Deviate From Your Present Course
74 Danger - 11h30
75 Cassius - La Mouche (DJ Falcon Remix)
76 Eddie Holman - This Will Be A Night To Remember
77 M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gone
78 Noah - Would You (Overthrill Remix Part 2)
79 Raven Maize - The Real Life (Fatboy Slim Remix)
80 Theory:Kaos! - Electronic Surgery
81 Revolte - Ironical Sexism (We Are Terrorists Remix)
82 Scanty Sandwich - Because Of You

Wednesday, May 7, 2008



Another nice remix of an Annie track. I posted the Krazy Fiesta Remix of Heart Beats back in February, and this time it´s her new single "I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me" (out in July) that gets an italo-ish remake from UK electro duo Get Shakes. Wiggle, wiggle.

Download Annie - I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me (Get Shakes Remix)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008



This mixtape from Bich Ass Darius is from 2001, and some blog guy ripped the 80 track deep mix for our enjoyment. There is a lot of "work that mothafucka", "nut on my face", "hit it from the back" and so on, but that´s ghetto for ya.

Rumpshake your shit to this ghetto tech bonanza!

Download Bitch Ass Darius - Follow The Sound Mixtape (divShare, zip)

It might take a while to download, but it´s well worth it.

Sunday, May 4, 2008



Pamona´s Above The Law is nothing new to people who have been following the hip hop scene for about 20 years. They have made many albums and were signed to Eazy-E´s Ruthless Records before they changed to Tommy Boy in 1996 following Eazy´s death.

The track featured here is from the 1992 album BLACK MAFIA LIFE and is pretty darn good, it´s almost two songs in one

Download Above The Law - Never Missin´ A Beat



Guns ´N Roses´ 1987 track Sweet Child O´Mine is one of my favorite tunes of all time. It appeared on Their debut album Appetite For Destruction and was the track that really put them on the Rock map.

Now Scottish electro popper Mylo has taken it upon himself to cover it with a chick on the vocals. It´s Ok, check it out for yourself.

Clownish raver DJ Donna Summer has opted for the stupid (but fun) B-more approach. You decide which one tickles your fancy the most.

Download Mylo - Sweet Child Of Mine (Guns ´N Roses cover) (Low quality)

Download Guns ´N Roses - Sweet Assed Child O´ Mine (DJ Donna Summer Remix)

Download Guns N´ Roses - Sweet Child O´ Mine



Australia´s Bang Gang has a podcast series which latest installment is from Bang Gang affiliate Gus Da Hoodrat alias Prince Fingers. It´s a nice selection of old and new electronic music, mixed together at a nice pace.

Download Prince Fingers - BangGang Podcast

1. Intro : A Team theme.
2. Tony Cook – On the Floor (Joakim edit)
3. Les Rhythmes Digitales – To Those djs
4. Midnight Star – Engine No. 9
5. Dave Beer – I am Miami (you’re looking at him)
6. Rodion – Electric Soca (crookers remix) / Siriusmo – ick hab wat bessert vor
7. Playgroup – Make it Happen (Zongamin remix 2)
8. Leroy Hanghofer – Das pi
9. J-Rod & Pat Nice – Peter Pan (a Jackin Phreak acid mix)
10. Hell – Let no Man Jack (Abe duque remix)
11. Mekon – yes yes y’all (sinden baile funk remix)
12. Freestyle – Don’ Stop The Rock
13. Mylo – Muscle Car (Tiga’s Beats edit)
14. DSL – Invaders (Dj Edjotronic remix)
15. Siriusmo – All the girls (reprise)
16. Mr Oizo – Trina700 (edit)
17. Broken Glass – Style of the street (Dance mix)
18. Dj Mehdi – Lucky Boy (Surkin remix)
19. South Rakkas Crew – Mad Again (Club mix)
20. Arbeid Adelt – Death Disco
21. Herbie Hancock – Rockit (2.002 version)
22. Ghostface Killa – Charlie brown (Dj Mehdi remix feat Mapei)
23. The Incredible Mr Freeze – Back to The scene of the crime
24. Escort – Starlight
25. Seiji – Raspberries
26. House Arrest – Buffalo Bill
27. Samim – House Nation
28. Community Recordings – The Magic Circle (Drums In Space mix)
29. Beni – My Love Needs You
30. Presets – This Boy’s In Love (Lifelike remix)
31. The Juan Maclean – No Time
32. Kano – super extra sexy sign
33. Punkin Machine – I need you Tonight
34. Midnight juggernauts – Dystopia (cut copy remix)
35. Chaz Jankel – Glad to Know you
36. Giorgio Moroder – I wanna Rock Yo



Woolfy is an England native living and making funky music in LA. He´s also signed to quality label DFA CEO´ed by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

Download Woolfy - The Lady

Get more Woolfy at Missingtoof.

Saturday, May 3, 2008



Another heterosexual life partner of mine LeCobaye made this 80´s throwback track with vocals that bring to mind the genius of Tiga Sonntag.

Catchy synths makes my Godstick cream!

Download LeCobaye feat. Sara - Girl From ´85



My heterosexual life partner Stanley Steel did this b-moreish remix of Lil´ Wayne´s Lollypop under his alias DJ Whippit. Check out now.

Download Lil Wayne - Lollypop (DJ Whippit Remix)

Download Lil Wayne - Lollypop (Original)


These kids need a hug.



DJ Donna Summer doing his thang over at XLR8

Download DJ Donna Summer - Podcast Mix 2008_05_01

1. The Bloody Beetroots "Goose (Tale of the Phantom Goose DJ Donna Summer Re-edit)"
2. BCC "Whistles"
3. The Count and Sinden "Beeper (A-Trak Remix)"
4. Hostage "Dominator (Hostage Ravemix)"
5. 3 Is A Crowd "Backside"
6. 3 Is A Crowd "Makaloni"
7. Lil Wayne Ft. Cory Gunz "A Millie Full"
8. Yolk "Bish Bosh"
9. Kazyo "Make Yeah"
10. Infants "Firetruk (Drop The Lime Remix)"
11. Bobmo "Legally Dead"
12. Boys Noize "Let's Buy Happiness (Proxy Remix)"
13. Hostage "Blackout"
14. DJ Deeon "Headapella"
15. Hostage "Blackout"
16. Underground Resistance "Riot"
17. Fannypack "The Theme From Fannypack"
18. Bizzare Inc. "Playing With Knives (White Label Version)"
19. Switch "This is Sick (This Is Switch DJ Donna Summer Re-Edit)"
20. Todosantos "Pao! (Total Xplosion Of The Heart Remix by Cardopusher)"
21. DJ Donna Summer "Chicken Noodle Rave"
22. Silent Butt Deadly "Out Of Odour"
23. The Bloody Beetroots Feat. Congorock "Bluto Fucks Popeye"
24. Thomas Bangalter "Turbo (DJ Donna Summer Re-Master)"
25. Unknown Artist "What! What! (Aaron LeCrate Mix?)"
26. BCC "Handclaps"
27. Gaetan "Fool For Love (DJ Donna Summer's Fool For Gaetan Re-Edit)"
28. Detboi "Drop The Bass"
29. Alter Ego "Why Not"
30. ELO "Dont Bring Me Down (Audiodile's Breakdown Remix)"
31. Surkin "White Knights Two"
32. DJ Blaqstarr "Shake It To The Ground (Detboi Shakecore Remix)"
33. Para One "Idiot (DJ Donna Summer Tektonik Mix)"
34. The Bloody Beetroots "Detroit"
35. Duran Duran Duran "Don't"
36. Mask "Gangster"
37. Mario Ochoa "So Urgent"
38. Stereoheroes "Boom Slang"
39. DJ Technics "Clap Ya Hands"
40. Drop The Lime "What I Need (Dexplicit Remix)"
41. Shane Fontane "Saturday Night"
42. Audion "Just Fucking (Roman Flugel Remix)"
43. DJ Donna Summer "Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre Remix)"
44. DJ Donna Summer "Live In Hamburg (Live for XLR8R)"