Sunday, June 29, 2008



The Joubert Singers is a gospel choir for people who can´t really sing. The requirements to join are "...a love of music, and some sight-reading ability". STAND ON THE WORD is from 1982 and was the first ever song to be recorded live in First Baptist Church in Crown Heights, NYC. A couple of hundred pressings of the record was made available for the congregation, and one of it´s members was producer and DJ Walter Gibbons, who often played the track at the record store he worked thereby revealing it to the public and eventually making it a Garage, Loft and Zanzibar hit. And in 1985 the record was re-released, now with remixes by Tony Humphries and Larry Levan (the track featured here).

Personally I first heard this song on Optimo, Espacio´s (JD Twitch and JG Wilkens) fantastic How To Kill The DJ (Part Two) and fell in love with it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and if you get reborn, that´s OK too.

Download The Joubert Singers - Stand On The Word

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DISCO 3000


Even more DISCO, this time by English gentleman and superstar DJ Erol Alkan. It´s 80 minutes of disco, done in quite a "fresh" and maybe even "interesting" way.

Here is what the man himself had to say:

"i've put together a 80 minute mix of some disco vibes which are lighting up my stratosphere. i began mixing it up just for my own selfish ipod needs during a day off i had at christmas and only recently got round to finishing due to album commitments. most of the tracks are re-edited in some form or over, and i splashed some moody synth drizzle over some of the beats. i got another hour of this mix sitting about, dunno, i maybe save it for another edition. would love to play club sets more like this, who knows, maybe i will... anyone wanna do a party?".

Download Erol Alkan - Disco 3000

Monday, June 23, 2008


This film by writer-director Mitchell Lichtenstein (son of Roy) just came to my attention, and it´s got the weirdest THEME, if you will, that I have ever (maybe not ever) come across. The film examines the Vagina dentata syndrome, which to us laymen means the growing of teeth in the vagina. Imagine it.

The film is rightly titled TEETH, and was released on DVD in may. Check the website.



Blog of the STARS Palms Out Sounds posted this disco fueled mix by Canada´s finest the Stylusts crew. This is what they had to say:

Stylusts, who consist of three of our favorite Ottawan homeboys (Drastik, Illo, & T-Wrecks), sent us a over a mix ready for some serious summer heat. Heavily influenced by disco, this mix blends the late 70s grooves of Carrie Lucas and Harvey Mason with 2008 favorites by Boys Noize and The Twelves.

Download Stylusts - Palms Out Sounds presents From Disco To Disco Mix


2.Bernard Wright - Spinnin
2.Donna Summer - If It Hurts Just A Little
3.Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Giving
4.Locksmith - Far Beyond
5.Edward Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby vs. Daft Punk
6.Pino D'Angio - Ma Quale Idea
7.Chaka Khan - Fate
8.Chic - Soup For One
9.Harvey Mason - Grooving You
10.Chicago - Street Player
11.Carrie Lucas - Dance With You
12.Patrice Rushen - Havent You Heard
13.The Clash Vs. Basement Jaxx - The Magnificent Romeo
14.Dynasty - Strokin
15.Abba - Gimme Gimme
16.S.O.S Band - Take Your Time
17.Jeanette Lady Day - Come Let Me Love You
18.George Duke - Reach Out (Switch It One Time)
19.Gary's Gang - Love Dance Tonight
20.Black Ivory - Mainline
21.Annie - Heartbeat (Krazy Fiesta Remix)
22.Holy Ghost - Hold On
23.Cut Copy - Lights And Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Mix)
24.The Avalanches - Ray Of Zdarlight
25.Les Rythmes Digitales - Sometimes
26.Buy Now - Body Crash (Burns Remix)
27.Kill The Noise - Pull My Strings
28.U-Tern - Pop Lock
29.Theatre Of Disco - Yoa
30.Theatre Of Disco - Yoa (The Twelves Remix)
31.Boys Noize - Shine Shine (AC Slater Remix)
32.Alex Gopher - Knightlife (Riot In Belgium remix) vs. Disco Inferno
33.Super Final - Crowd Goes Jumping
34.Shizzam - Pool Party
35.U-Tern - Make You Mine (Now Switch It Back Baby)
36.Dj Grandtheft - You Should Be Mine
37.U-Tern feat. Kutcorners- Disco Sizzurp



This girl has been around for a while, and has apparently made some noise, but this is the first I hear of it. Londoner Little Boots has made a great electro pop track in the vain of LADYTRON and (maybe) Norway´s own BERTINE ZETLITZ. But it still sounds if not fresh than funky. And I don´t think I can demand more than a little funk from pop music.

Download Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat

Download Little Boots - Meddle

And a shitty remix of "...on repeat" by Fake Blood (stolen from Discodust) Here.

Also from Discodust a mix by LITTLE BOOTS (check for the track list there).

Download Little Boots - Little Boots Mix


Goldfrapp - Happiness (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix)
Sally Shapiro - Time To Let Go (Lindstrom Remix)
Hot Chip - My Piano
Little Boots - Magical (Demo Version)
Charlie - Spacer Woman
Celebration - Hands Off My Gold (SMD Remix)
Los Angeles TF - Magical Body
Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (The Shoes Remix)
SMD - Hotdog (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)
Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)

Monday, June 16, 2008



Im such a fan of these guys dj-ing (and music making) that I have to post this almost 2 1/2 hour mix recorded live on New York disco radio show Beats In Space, recorded in May. If you didn´t guess by the title of the post it´s by modern indie rock pioneers James Murphy and Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem fame, and it´s a banging mix of old, new and future disco. It´s much in the spirit of their Fabric Mix.

Download James Murphy & Pat Mahoney - Live on Beats In Space radio (Part 1)

Download James Murphy & Pat Mahoney - Live on Beats In Space Radio (Part 2)


1. Edwin Birdsong - She's Wrapped Too Tight
2. Department of Sunshine - Rude Boys -
3. Man Friday - Real Love - Nite Groove
4. NYCC - I'll Keep My Light In My Windwon - RCA
5. Joe Simon - Love Vibration - Spring
6. Roy Ayers - Hot - Columbia
Pat takes over:
7. Roundtree - Hit On You (Remix) - Aria
8. Sabata - Man For My Lady (Re-Edit) - Numero
9. Sinnamon - Thanks to You (Inst) - Becket
10. Was (Not Was) - Wheel Me Out - Antilles
11. Loose Joints - Tell You Today - Island
12. Magic City feat Fire - Let's Rock - Sunshine Sound
Back to Jimmy:
13. Trigger Finger and The Space Cadets - Defend It U (Video Freak) - Solid Platinum
14. Gypsy Lane - Cold Fire - Vanguard
15. Special Request - Salsa Smurph - Tommy Boy
16. Image - Feel The Power - Musique
17. Mandrill - Dance Of Love - Arista
18. Hercules - 7 Ways To Jack - Dance Mania
19. Hot Chocolate - Mindless Boogie - RAK
Part 2
19. Hot Chocolate - Mindless Boogie - RAK
Pat's back:
20. Trussel - Love Injection - Elektra
21. - Hot To Trot -
22. Touch - Me And You - Brunswick
23. First Choice - Dr Love (Marshall Jefferson Edit) - Salsoul
24. Shalamar - Right In The Socket -
25. Tasha Thomas - Shoot Me (With Your Love) - Orbit
26. Cloud One - Atmosphere Strutt - P&P
James Murphy:
27. Steve Miller Band - Keeps Me Wondering Why - Capitol
28. 10CC - Good Morning Judge - Phonogram
Pat Mahoney:
29. Amon Duul 2 - Spaniards & Spacemen - Vinyl
30. The Messengers - In The Jungle - Rare Earth
31. Hercules & Love Affair - Shadows - DFA
32. Quartz - Beyond The Clouds - TK Disco
33. Time Bandits - I'm Only Shooting Love - CBS
34. - Diamonds Dub (Tangoterje Edit) - Supreme

Sunday, June 15, 2008



James Ford and Jas Shaw are two gentlemen who make up the electro/rave duo Simian Mobile Disco, which is an offshoot of the now dismantled indie-rock band Simian. This band is probably best known for shooting Justice to fame with their remix contest for NEWER BE ALONE.

Anyways, now they are delving deep (or maybe just scratching the surface) into their respective record collections an tackling the infamous Fabric mix series. And they are no strangers to dj mixes since handeling 2006´s Bugged Out presents: Suck My Deck.

The mix will be available in August.

You can download the tracks highlighted in RED

Fabriclive 41 Tracklisting

01 Tomita The Firebird "Infernal Dance Of King Kastechi (Clean Version)"
02 Sisters Of Transistors "The Don"
03 Simian Mobile Disco "Simple"
04 Hercules And Love Affair "Blind (Serge Santiago Version)"
05 Smith N Hack "Space Warrior"
06 Discodeine "Joystick"
07 Shit Robot "Chasm"
08 Perc & Fractal "Up Tool"
09 Metro Area "Miura"
10 Worthy "Crack EI"
11 Moon Dog "Suite Equestria"
12 Fine Cut Bodies "Huncut Hacuka"
13 Bentobox vs Chordian "Aemono"
14 Jelo & DeadMau5 "The Reward Is Cheese"
15 Simian Mobile Disco "Sleep Deprivation (Simon Baker Remix)"
16 Popof "The Chomper (LSD Version)"
17 Raymond Scott "Cindy Electronium"
18 Paul Woolford Presents Bobby Peru "Erotic Discourse"
19 Moebius Plank Neumeier "Pitch Control"
20 Plastikman "Spastik"
21 Green Velvet "Flash"
22 The Walker Brothers "Nite Flights (Album Version)"

Friday, June 13, 2008



Here is, for those of you that never get tired of the B-More fad, a nice addition to the ever growing B-More remixes of 60´s pop hits. This time it´s Ben E. King´s 1961 hit Stand By Me that get´s the "Sing Sing" by Gaz, and/ or "Think (About It)" by Lyn Collins slapped over it, courtesy of Bangla-producer Stanley Steel aka. DJ Whippit.

Download Ben E. King - Stand By Me (Steel´s B-More Remix)

Thursday, June 12, 2008



A nice little soulful electro track, courtesy of Hot Chip member and now solo dude Grovesnor. The track has the essence of Hot Chip in it, but it´s much better then anything I´ve heard from them for a while.

The EP is out now on itunes with a bunch of remixes, so cop it.

Download Grovesnor - Drive Your Car



The Rapture, New York´s raining indie -pop band (consisting of Gabriel Andruzzi,Luke Jenner, Vito Roccoforte,Mattie Safer), like every other band now a days has to get part of their income generated through dj-gigs. And in 2003 they tackled the legendary Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

And the result:

Download The Rapture - Essential Mix 10.16.2003 (filemojo)


Special Ed - ‘I Got It Made’
Junkyard Band - ‘The Word’
Munk - ‘Mein Schatzi (Discotecha Dub)’
In Deep - ‘Buffalo Bill (Rapappella)’
Jungle Brothers - ‘What U Waitin 4′
Junior - ‘Mama Used To Say’
Frankie Smith - ‘Double Dutch Bus’
The B-52’s - ‘Mesopotamia’
The Police - ‘Voices In My Head’
Yazoo - ‘Don’t Go’
Chic - ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’
Liquid Liquid - ‘Optimo’
Moodyman - ‘I Feel Dub’
Adonis - ‘No Way Back’
Percy X - ‘Club X’
Marshall Jefferson - ‘Ride The Rhythm’
Manhead - ‘B.S.W.D’
Talking Heads - ‘Once In A Lifetime (Specimen 2 Edit)’
Erland One - ‘Sheltered Life (Ewan Pearson Drivetime Dub Instrumental)’
Blackstrobe - ‘Paris Acid City’
Dance Reaction - ‘Disco Train’
DJ Armand And Quizz - ‘Omaha’
Max Pask - ‘Stupido’
Why Sheep - ‘Earthworm (Recloose Remix)’
Tiefschwarz -’Nix’
Dj Gregory - ‘Attend 2′
Daniel Wang - ‘Warped’
Iz & Diz - ‘Uuuhh (Rapture Dodgy Mix Edit)’
The Rapture - ‘Sister Saviour (DFA Vocal mix)



I finally found one of my favorite tunes EVER on mp3. Michael Jonzun´s "Burnin´ Up" is an 80´s pop song that just has me at a loss for words, it´s just beyond them (words that is).

He is the man who was the brains behind the freestyle milestone act that was The Jonzun Crew and he also discovered and produced Destiny´s Child way back when. He is also responsible for the god-like boy band New Kids On the Block. Need I say moer?

Well, I will: I first heard the track on Chromeo´s 2005 mixtape Un Joli Mix Pour Toi, which you should buy if you don´t already own a copy.

Nuff said, enjoy the shit out of this truly classic track...

Download Michael Jonzun - Burnin´Up

Tuesday, June 10, 2008



When french pop duo Hypnolove come with new material, I´m all ears. Especially since I still have their fantasique debut album Eurolove fresh in my memory.

What I heard today though was a remix of fellow baguette eaters Go Go Charlton´s song "The Wises Daughter". And this is one of those instances where the remix far outshines the original. The before mentioned frenchies also have an EP out called "Your Son", get it on itunes.

Download Go Go Charlton - The Wises Daughter (Hypnolove Remix)



Some Italo Disco for your asses. This track is from ´82 and was released on legendary italo label Superradio Recods. The melody in the breakdown is goose bump inducing and the bad accent in the "vocals" are very warm and fuzzy (even though they try to sound like scary robots).

This track will be featured on my new mix, which is coming as soon as I get some shit sorted out. So hold your breath...

Download Sun La Shan - Catch

Saturday, June 7, 2008



Head honcho of German electro funk lable Gomma Munk has just released a new album entitled Coldbuster. It features a few vocal stylings from daughter of B-Horror master DARIO ARGENTO, Asia Argento and many a funky beat. The collabo between Munk and Miss Argento is most successful on the single "Live Fast Die Old", but "No Milk" is also a great unity between Miss Argento´s manly voice and Munk´s poppy expression of electronica.

Do yourself a favor and buy it on Beatport or at itunes!

Download Munk feat. Asia Argento - Live Fast, Die Old

Download Munk feat. Asia Argento - Live fast, Die Old (Maral Salmassi & Zero Cash Remix)

Download Munk feat. Asia Argento - No Milk