Thursday, April 23, 2009



A great mix recorded live for Ministry Of Sound Radio. Working the knobs is The Dog´s favorite dj Cousin Cole.

MP3 Cousin Cole - Ministry Of Sound Mix


Bruce Springsteen - I’m On Fire (Cousin Cole Remix)
Tom of Finland - Holy Roller Edit
Map of Africa - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
T. Rex - Planet Queen (Pocketknife’s Taken Away Remix)
Vastkustska Ryggdunkarsallskapet - Town Out of Order
Scotch - Delerio Mind
Tame Impala - HFGW (Canyons Drunken Rage Remix)
Gatto Fritto - Clem’s Bounce
Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose
Lindsay Buckingham - It Was You (Cousin Cole Demo)
Youth - Dark Moons
Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (Tom of Finland / CC Edit)
Doors - Peace Frog (Tom of Finland / CC Remix)
Glimmers - Esta Si, Esta No
Major Swellings - Assquake
Den Haan - Night Shift
Westbam - And Party
Curtis McClaine - Let’s Get Busy Dub
Tom Tom Club - Suboceana (Jacking Deep & High)

Friday, April 17, 2009



Again the dog is proud to bring you a wonderful psych mix from the one and only Erol Alkan aka Beyond The Wizard´s Sleeve. This mix was done live on London radio station XFM.

MP3 Beyond The Wizard´s Sleeve - Live on XFM


BTWS Announcement - Turn On
Bunalimlar - Tas Var Köpek Yok
The Mickey Finn - Garden Of My Mind
The Hush - Grey
Guy Scorwitz - Unknown
Mike Stewart Span - Children Of Tomorrow
The Id - Boil The Kettle Mother
BTWS Announcement - Be There
The Freak Scene - A Million Grains Of Sand
The Beatles - Glass Onion (Demo)
Les Fleur De Lys - Circles
The Syn - Grounded
The Music Machine - Talk Talk
Wimple Winch - Rumble On Mersey Square South
Shockheaded Peters - I Bloodbrother Be
Unknown - Words (BTWS Edit)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



I´m a strange music person. I´ve sometimes heard of the most obscure and elusive krautdiscorock, and never heard of the huge pop hits of our time. One of these is Bread´s 1972 love song Everything I Own. Well it´s not that I ever heard it, it rang the proverbial bell, but it never registered. Now it has, and I want to share its beauty with you beautiful people.

MP3 Bread - Everything I Own (Alt. Link)

Sunday, April 12, 2009



I´ve been spending a lot of time on Spotify lately, discovering new music and making my own little mixtapes. So this is a playlist I made that is heavy on Rockabilly type stuff, and some obscure discodance thrown in there. Please enjoy.

Chevy Chaser - Rockabillydiscofreakfest

Thursday, April 9, 2009



Brennan Green will be playing here in Oslo tonight. To celebrate I give you a live mix that probably indicates what he´ll be playing at Fisk & Vilt tonight.

MP3 Brennan Green - AptLive01

Sunday, April 5, 2009



Finally something new to be excited about! I heard this some time ago, but it didn´t catch on until now. Give it time and the 60´s-ish sound of Higamos Hogamos will envelope you too.

MP3 Higamos Hogamos - Major Blizkrieg (Alt. Link)

Saturday, April 4, 2009



I find myself searching and searching to find music that can grace these pages, but it´s hard. Nothing sits right with me anymore it seems. Nothing hits me in the head and heart with a sledgehammer and demands repeat listens. So I find myself going back (as I often do) to 1999:

Before Pnau became the generic blog pop they are today, they made an album of beautiful and sensual french touch (the old one) house called Sambanova. It features no vocals, just great beats from the last golden age in house, things people who grew up with Daft Punk will appreciate. So here are two tracks from the above mentioned album, that should funk you right on up on this Saturday evening.

MP3 Pnau - Sambanova (Alt. Link)

MP3 Pnau - Keep On Truckin´ (Alt. Link)