Monday, April 28, 2008



Hebrew hipster funksters Soulico Crew made this mix and has (by doing so) put the Jews on the funk map (so to speak). Chew on this till´ jom kippur.

A quote:

"It's an hour full of Hasidic Disco, Spirutal Soul, Yamanite Funk, Turkish Acid Rock, Arabic Jazz & much more, all recorded & released in Israel by local musicians & artists in the 70's and early 80's."

Download Soulico Crew - Archeology Mixtape (No track list)

Sunday, April 27, 2008



I was bottlefed on west coast hip hop in the early nineties, and it lay the foundation for my music interest today. There is something funny about a 10 year old middleclass Norwegian white kid trying to be a gangster and bumping the likes of Ganksta C, Lil´ 1/2 Dead and C.P.O. Boss Hogg in his yellow Sony sports walk man.

So in a fit of reminiscence I have compiled some of the early-to mid nineties tracks that inspired me to dress up like Snoop in the "Nuthin´But A G Thang" Video.

Download Spice 1 - D Boyz Got Love For Me (From AmeriKKKa´s Nightmare 1994)

Download Too Short - Cocktales (From Cocktales 1995)

Download MC Eiht - One Less Nigga (From Tales From The Hood Soundtrack 1995)

Download 2nd II None - Didn´t Mean To Turn You On (From Above The Rim Soundtrack 1994)

Download DJ Quik feat. Hi-C - You Can´t Fuck With A Nigga (From Menace II Society Soundtrack 1993)

Download Thug Life - Don´t Get It Twisted (From Thug Life 1994)

Download Lil´ 1/2 Dead - Caavy Sounds (From Steel On A Mission 1996)

Download Lil´ 1/2 Dead - 12 Pacofdoja (From The Dead Has Arisen 1994)

Download Domino feat. Chill - Tales From The Hood (From Tales From The Hood Soundtrack 1995)

Download Ice Cube - Ghetto Bird (From Lethal Injection 1993)

Download Above The Law - Black Superman (From Uncle Sam´s Curse 1994)


Saturday, April 26, 2008




A new Uffie track that´s being featured on the upcoming Ed Banger Vol. 3 compilation album that will be out May 26th.

The track is produced by "long" time partner Feadz, and has that characteristic Ed Banger sound (in a good way).

Download Uffie - Robot Oeuf

Tuesday, April 22, 2008



I´ve been on hiatus for a while, simply because I try stick to the principle that I only post music I dig myself, and I haven´t come across something that rocks my boat lately.

But I have gotten two complaints so I´m posting something that´s ok. It´s a remix of Sweden´s First Floor Power by The Knife´s Karin Drejer. Maybe yous guys like it better than I do. I kinda like the originals better so click the name above and check out their myspace.

Here you go.

Download First Floor Power - The Jacket (Karin Drejer Remix)

Monday, April 14, 2008



This track by Sa-Fire is from 1986, and was released on the legendary freestyle label Cutting Records. I´ve just been listening to it a lot lately, and wanted to share it with you people.

Download Sa-Fire - Don´t Break My Heart (7" version)

Monday, April 7, 2008



Here is a right treat. Dirtybird CEO and all around nice guy Claude Von Stroke mixes BBC Radio 1´s Essentail Mix. Two hours of jacky old and new house music.


Download Claude von Stroke - Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1


1. Public Enemy ‘Countdown To Armageddon’ (Def Jam)
2. Akira Ifukube ‘Godzilla Theme’ (La La Land Records)
3. Justin Martin & Sammy D ‘Yum’ (Cadang)
4. Frederic Galliano ‘Woualai (Soul Designer Remix) ‘F-Communications)
5. Italoboyz ‘Unknown/Coltrane ’ (White Label)
6. DJ Deeon ‘Da Hoez’ (Freak Mode)
7. Sagat ‘Fuk Dat’ (Maxi Records)
8. Mike Dunn ‘So Let It Be House’ (Westbrook Records)
9. Detroit Grand Pubahs ‘Sandwiches’ (Throw)
10. Claude Vonstroke ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit (Claude Underground Dub)’ (Dirtybird)
11. Duoteque ‘Logo’ (Boxer)
12. DJ Koze Vs. Sid Lerock ‘Naked (DJ Koze Remix)’ (Cereal Killers)
13. Robag Whrume ‘Pelagia’ (Musik Krause)
14. Kevin Rocks ‘Maravillosso’ (Rocks Playground)
15. Marshall Jefferson ‘Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)’ (Airtight)
16. Ptoile ‘Tigre Della Stella’ (Channel Records)
17. Todd Bodine ‘Secret Edge’ (Mothership)
18. Martin Eyerer & Anthony Collins Prsnt. Starsniff ‘Manifestation’ (Le Bien Et Le Mal)
19. Voodeux ‘The Curse’ (Mothership)
20. Frankie ‘Mash (Donk Boyz House Remix) (Frankie Rec.)
21. Khia ‘My Neck (Acapella)’ (Direction)
22. Manic Minds ‘Trans (Fafa Monteco Remix)’ (Brique Rouge)
23. Ranier Weicheld ‘Bamboo’ (Great Stuff)
24. The Martin Brothers ‘Full Moon’ (Dirtybird)
25. Style Of Eye ‘The Big Kazoo’ (Dirtybird)
26. The Pack ‘Vans’ (Zomba US)
27. Mr Rogers Clip
28. Claude Vonstroke ‘The Killer’ (Dirtybird)
29. Michal Ho Feat. Lil Dirty ‘Break Free’ (Moon Harbour)
30. Needles ‘Revox’ (CDR)
31. Style Of Eye ‘Hide’ (Dirtybird)
32. John Tejada ‘Timebomb’ (7th City)
33. Italoboyz ‘Zinga’ (Mothership)
34. Henrik Schwarz ‘Robert & Dornroosje’ (Not On Label) (contains sample From Robert Hood's Track "Minus" From The Album "Internal Empire" (Tresor 27).
35. The Detroit Experiment ‘Think Twice (CVS Re-Edit)’ (Ropeadope Records)
36. Reverend Tickle Clip
37. Burnto Bertolucci ‘Bake Me Dome Tonight (Claude V Unofficial Smiths Remix) (Cadang White Label)

Sunday, April 6, 2008



MGMT (pronounced management) come out of Brooklyn, NY with their hippie sounding, electronicrock educed pop, and they list waves (not the band, but proper waves) as their one and only influence. I don´t think that´s evident in the music though.

The album (which is out now) entitled "Oracular Spectacular" is a little gem and is well wort 99.50 NOK at Platekompaniet. If you´re not close to a platekompaniet store you can also buy it at itunes.

Download MGMT - Electric Feel

Tuesday, April 1, 2008



That time of the month again! And yet again, brought to you (((exclusively))) by Chevy Chaser.

Download Chevy Chaser - Bed, Bath & Beyond (April Mix)


Frank The Tank Intro
Duchess Says - Black Flag (The Juan MacClean Remix)
Electric Boogie Band - Hot Rocks
(Was) Not Was - Tell Me That I´m Dreamin´
Chicken Lips - Bad Skin (DJ Kicks)
The Juan MacClean - Happy House
Arbeid Adelt - Death Disco (The Glimmers Edit)
Babytalk - Keep On Move
Ercola feat. Annie - Follow Me (Lifelike Remix)
Electromenager - Pocket Rocket
Jor-el - In Memory Of
Depech Mode - Behind The Wheel
The Ting Tings - Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)
Juliet - Avalon
TGV - Fools Gold
TGV - Night Train
Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis
Shana - I Want You
Yvonne - There´s A Party Going On (Oh, Oh el Beats fuuuuckeeed Up!!!!)