Saturday, July 26, 2008



She & Him is the collaboration between actress Zooey Deschanel (daughter of DP and director Caleb) and country/ pop musician M. Ward. Once a one mand band M. Ward collaborated with the actress in 2006 and she admitted to having many demo´s laying around, and as they have a tendency to do, one thing led to another and they hooked up to make the longplayer Volume One. The album leans heavily towards the country genre, but it´s also got a lot of 60´s Doo-wop thrown into the mix. The track featured here "I Was Made For You" sounds, in fact, like something Phil Spector could have written back in the day.

The album is pretty good, if you´re into that sort of thing. So if you are, you should get it on Itunes or at your local record store.

Download She & Him - I Was Made For You

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